Life On Two Wheels

Along the river and toward the mountains a morning shadow shimmers across the road. The rays of the first light jet through the trees and across a figure gliding upon the road. His breath trails in short spurts, petrified as it hits the icy air. All is quiet except the slight sound of the athlete as he summons himself for yet another days work. Soon the rest of the world will bustle with life as well and the brief simplicity of cyclist and nature will disappear into the everyday struggle of life in full motion; the errands and intervals, the appointments and intersections, and the deadlines and finish lines OutPaceTheRace

Monday, February 06, 2006

Girona- Feb 6, '06

Girona, FRA
February 6, 2006

It’s amazing how much a place can change in just one week. When I left Girona for France, I thought little of the place, but now it feels like home. Actually, I have a new respect for Spain after France. It seems much more civilized, more down to Earth. France is too careless and messy- if you will.
Today was the first day that I went out on the bike by myself in the streets of Spain. I got my bearings and set out toward the mountains for some easy scenic riding. Once more, I was taken aback by the terrain around Girona. The place really is one of the best places to ride a bike- the roads, drivers, towns, etc., all culminate in a genuinely ideal milieu. It’s definitely nice to feel like you’re not chained to the apartment for fear of the language barrier or getting lost. The fact of the matter is that most people understand a little English, and if they don’t we can kind of sort our differences out and get the point across (different than what I thought when I first arrived). I actually had my first non-Spanish, non-English conversation yesterday. We both spoke completely different words- but understood what we were saying. Kind of weird, but reassuring nonetheless.