Life On Two Wheels

Along the river and toward the mountains a morning shadow shimmers across the road. The rays of the first light jet through the trees and across a figure gliding upon the road. His breath trails in short spurts, petrified as it hits the icy air. All is quiet except the slight sound of the athlete as he summons himself for yet another days work. Soon the rest of the world will bustle with life as well and the brief simplicity of cyclist and nature will disappear into the everyday struggle of life in full motion; the errands and intervals, the appointments and intersections, and the deadlines and finish lines OutPaceTheRace

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Back in the pack- March 1, 2006

Back in the pack (kith & kin)- North Bend, WA
March 01, 2006

“There’s no place like home” holds much more meaning than is initially realized. Over the last couple months I haven’t stumbled across a single area that I’d like to be more than here at the abode. I guess the “qualities” of home are much more profound after being without them for a couple months.
I’m going to be spending some time off the bike until Saturday so I plan to savor the life of home until then. This isn’t something I get a chance to do often; in fact, I can’t remember the last time I went without riding for a time as such. It’s fine though, being stiff and sore, all I really want to do is drink milk fortified in Iron and get some sleep- then I’ll be all set for my next spell of crashes.
Anyway, being at home and all, I intend to read up on the latest events in the stock market, check out the S&P’s, & realize the ultimate potential of the Brazilian economy. Every second counts right? Oh, along the lines of economics, a fellow that was formerly on the team, one Jay Ku, decided that he was going to educate the likes of my team mates and I over dinner Sunday night after the last stage of the ToC. The indoctrination that Harvard graduates, such as Jay, identify themselves with is humorous. I would have sparred in the likes of his economics and politics, but the fact that he found it necessary to confront everyone on their political affiliations over dinner was beginning to peeve the rest of the outfit. “Jay, one day, we’ll be in the same place at the very same time, & when it takes place…” you’ll get the good old fashioned capitalistic education that you went without at Harvard.