Life On Two Wheels

Along the river and toward the mountains a morning shadow shimmers across the road. The rays of the first light jet through the trees and across a figure gliding upon the road. His breath trails in short spurts, petrified as it hits the icy air. All is quiet except the slight sound of the athlete as he summons himself for yet another days work. Soon the rest of the world will bustle with life as well and the brief simplicity of cyclist and nature will disappear into the everyday struggle of life in full motion; the errands and intervals, the appointments and intersections, and the deadlines and finish lines OutPaceTheRace

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Out pace the race

North Bend, WA
Saturday, February 10, 2007

That of today was marked by exceptionally gale like conditions. The wind blew and the trees swayed, yet the bicycle and I charged on like a horse with a spear.
After a self-possessed week of meditation, the time has come to begin the week to go portion of training pending California. Certainly the strength from within is far beyond that of ever before so confidence at once is divine. If guess I must, I’d be quite profound in my proclamation that our team will eclipse in such a way that the eyes of yours will be left blinking in astonishment.
Nevertheless, exclude my creed as you must, & endeavor your bet as you would for the truth is yet to come.