Life On Two Wheels

Along the river and toward the mountains a morning shadow shimmers across the road. The rays of the first light jet through the trees and across a figure gliding upon the road. His breath trails in short spurts, petrified as it hits the icy air. All is quiet except the slight sound of the athlete as he summons himself for yet another days work. Soon the rest of the world will bustle with life as well and the brief simplicity of cyclist and nature will disappear into the everyday struggle of life in full motion; the errands and intervals, the appointments and intersections, and the deadlines and finish lines OutPaceTheRace

Sunday, March 12, 2006

The enchanting heartland- North Bend, WA

The enchanting heartland- North Bend, WA
March 12, 2006

Perhaps you’ve noticed that it rains everyday in the Seattle area & you wonder how it is that people could opt to adopt such an area to reside. But in order to see the whole equation you must factor in such things as the quality of the good days and the tranquility of the area surrounding it. For those of you who are from Colorado and have never actually seen a bona fide forest, the effects can be overwhelming, perhaps even more so than the rain. To begin with, not even equating other factors, I would choose rainy Washington over dust bowl Colorado. I know the Colorado people associate themselves with the goodness of the land and their history in farming it etc, etc, but I’ve never really been one to flounder in the past- besides the proud history of North Bend involves logging and fir trading… including the neighbor who carries out a daily operation. But let’s cut to the chase, I realize that Colorado is strikingly bare and there’s no reason why a person would want to live there. But for a Colorado native to look at Washington and wonder why a chap would want to live there is absurd. My advice, if you choose to take it, is to come to Washington in the summer or fall when the weather is the best in the world. In the winter you’ve got to savor the good days and put up with the bad. In the mean time, enjoy the dust blown weather of the Rockies.