Life On Two Wheels

Along the river and toward the mountains a morning shadow shimmers across the road. The rays of the first light jet through the trees and across a figure gliding upon the road. His breath trails in short spurts, petrified as it hits the icy air. All is quiet except the slight sound of the athlete as he summons himself for yet another days work. Soon the rest of the world will bustle with life as well and the brief simplicity of cyclist and nature will disappear into the everyday struggle of life in full motion; the errands and intervals, the appointments and intersections, and the deadlines and finish lines OutPaceTheRace

Sunday, April 02, 2006

‘Cross the border

Zero Avenue, Langley, BC, Canada
April 1, 2006

Last night I’d planned to drive 4 hours for a stage race in Spokane, WA, which would entail waking up at 5:00 to journey east. But, I really didn’t wanna do this, and I was relying on transportation that felt the same way. So I decided to check around to see if there were any identical races that happened to be going on at the same time but were closer. As I was surfing around things were looking pretty bleak, so I decided to check up north where the Canadians dwell, and behold, there was a race exactly the same except each race was longer and the field stronger… so let good times roll. No pre-registration necessary, just show up and tell ‘em that you’re in for both days and you’re set. So in the end I got a better race for a 2 and a half hour drive instead of a 4 plus hour drive.
Of course it ended up being a complete downpour for the entire 90 miles of the race. I got in a break and ended up fourth. I kind of screwed up towards the end, but I won’t go into that. I’m just hoping to make up for lost points during the crit and time trial tomorrow.
By the way, Canadians are cool and all, but the “inside culture-” man, it’s someth’n else…